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Jen Skiba

Fluid Art

Fluid Art


Attendee Limit: 12

Minimum Group Size: 4

In this private class for your group, Jen will guide your group through the creativity of Fluid Art from blank canvas to finished masterpiece. There are a range of styles of fluid art you can do with your family, friends or co-workers!

As a private booking, we'll provide a charcuterie board of snacks. Beverages will be available to purchase and you are welcome to BYOB too! 

Booking Information

1) Browse through the fluid art styles and decide which style your group will do. Please understand every style shown is a different technique, and each person will be able to choose their own colors.

2) Complete the booking request form below

3) Once availability is confirmed, a deposit of $50 will be required immediately to secure the date/time. 

The remaining balance can be completed in two ways, but full payment must be made no later than 3 days before the booking. 

  • If each attendee is paying for their own ticket, we will setup a payment link for attendees to purchase their ticket. The securing deposit will be refunded once all attendees have paid. 
  • If the organizer is paying for all tickets, we will setup a payment link for the total cost of the party, and the deposit will be credited to the invoice. 
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